Must sign up and pay for classes through Zen Planner.  If you are interested and want to drop-in for a class, you can do so through our website under “Member Connect/Zen Planner.”


We do 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off.  Thursday will be used as a make-up day for a class you may miss in the week.  If you make all the classes, you can still come on Thursdays to work on a specific skill and/or Olympic lifting.  

**Please see the “Calendar” tab for class times!**


Fundamentals:  $45

What is Fundamentals??

Fundamentals is broken up into four different classes over a two week period where you will learn the basic movements of CrossFit and go through an introductory workout.  These classes are designed to gradually introduce you into CrossFit and how classes are ran at Get Mean CrossFit. There is also an emphasis on mobility and stretching to help you get into proper positioning.

Fundamentals Schedule

**Cost is $45 per person**

Thursdays @5:15 pm

Sundays @12:00 pm

*Saturday @9:30 am

*Saturdays are optional free sessions open to anyone in the public


Introductory Price:

$90/month x 2 months

$50/month for general use of facility:  CLASSES HAVE PRIORITY

Buddy Special!




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