About Get Mean CrossFit

Goal/Mission Statement

 The goal of Get Mean CrossFit in Manhattan, KS is to help improve the health and well being of those who participate in CrossFit.  We do this through increasing physical fitness, improving nutrition, and building relationships with those who belong to the gym.  We are all part of a team and small group who come together and share a common goal and hold each other accountable.

Why choose Get Mean CrossFit over other gyms?

Because of the smaller class sizes, individuals will receive more one-on-one attention and receive specific instructions on how to work on weakness.  The atmosphere and camaraderie is unlike any other gym and you will become part of a family, Manhattan, KS community and CrossFit.  If there is a class that has over 12 members, there will be more than one coach instructing the class.

Why CrossFit over normal gym memberships?

1.  Functional programming that applies to every day movements.  There are no machines and most movements are total body.  A typical day at Get Mean CrossFit involves a warm-up, mobility, skill/strength training, and a CrossFit workout.

2.  Small groups with coaching.  You will receive individual feedback on a daily basis about your movement.

3.  We are a community not only in the gym but within Manhattan, KS.  The relationships formed in these small groups and the gym as a whole is similar to the camaraderie found in the military.  Everyone at the gym goes through the same amount of “suckiness” and we can all share this together and find common ground no matter what our careers or stage of life we are in.

4.  Accountability.  There are many days when we do not feel like going to the gym.  However, when we know that our group expects us to be there, we are more likely to go.  Working out in small groups also pushes us harder when we workout.

Why the name Get Mean CrossFit?

I came up with the name “Get Mean” because of my dad.  As a young kid, I was very shy and timid, especially when I played basketball.  After games my dad would get on me about being more aggressive and going after it and he would do this by gritting his teeth and curling his arms and say “get mean.”  Since then, this has been my “power word” for when I become less confident or timid with sports. 


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