Class Structure

The Basics of A One-Hour Class 

If you are new to Get Mean CrossFit and are not sure what to expect when you arrive to your first class here is an outline of a typical one-hour class!

How early should I get to the gym?  Arrive to class at least 10 minutes early in comfortable workout clothes and with a water bottle and sweat towel.  Please arrive early to prepare your mind and start with some light mobility exercises to prepare your body for the workout.  If the weather is rainy, snowy or muddy have an extra pair of shoes with you to change in.  Overtime you will find that your CrossFit gear will accumulate and you will soon be needing a rather large gym bag!

Will we all warm-up together?  Our warm-ups consist of two different parts and we will all start together as a group.  During our general warm-up we will start with lighter movements and smaller muscle groups and gradually move into dynamic stretching and hit larger muscle groups.  Next we will move into some kind of activity where we will increase your heart rate such as jumping roping, rowing, running or some fun game as a group!  General warm-ups last about 10 minutes.

But what if I forget all I learned in fundamentals?  No worries here!  Coaches will explain the workout of the day and go over each movement prior to any skill, strength or workout.  Your coach will address the class as whole and then begin to work with everyone individually as needed.  If you have an injury or nagging pain, now is the time to let the coach know so the coach can properly address the issue.

What’s all the “stuff” prior to the actual workout?? Here at Get Mean CrossFit we program our classes to target a wide variety of individuals with multiple goals.  Overall, we aim to improve your general physical preparedness for everyday activities whether you are a student, research assistant, firefighter or stay-at-home mom or dad.  Before we perform the actual workout, we will often work on some kind of gymnastics skill or core work.  All movement starts in the core and it is imperative we focus on making our core stronger.  Next, we will focus on strength ranging from squats and shoulder presses, to explosive movements such as the snatch or clean and jerk.  Every part of our class will start and finish together as a group.  Skill and strength work typically lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.

The nitty-gritty.  This is what you’ve been waiting for!  10 seconds!  3…2…1…GO.  Most workouts are 20 minutes or less and some as short as 3 minutes.  This is the “meat” of our class and you will complete the tasks set forth in the prescribed workout.  It is OK if you cannot do the prescribed weight or if you cannot do a certain movement like pull-ups.  Your coach will scale the weight and movement to your ability level.  If you are unsure of how to scale, how many reps to do, etc., please ask the coach!

Well that was “fun.”  This is the cool down and where you get to leave your sweat angel on the floor.  During this time we pick up our equipment and clean up our area.  If you’ve have any tape, excess chalk or blood on any bars or floor we need to clean this up. Once equipment is picked up we transition to a cool down where we will stretch with bands, foam rollers and lacrosse balls.

Connecting with the Get Mean community.  Last but not least, this is where the class has “kumbaya” time.  Typically many class members will stretch and talk after class.  Some Friday evenings we may share a beer or two.  This is a great time to connect with other individuals who attend the gym and establish relationships.  We all share a common bond as we suffer through our workouts and this creates a connection similarly found in the military community. Our goal is not only to strengthen our physical prowess, but our social bonds as well.